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A guide through the climate debate written for people from all walks of life, not just science boffins!

For those new to the subject of climate, welcome to this rich and fascinating world. And for those of you with more experience, you will find plenty of new information here!

In the book, you will explore:
•  The key arguments in the climate debate
•  The wonder and richness of the forces affecting climate
•  What climate has done in the past and might do in the future
And much, much more...

You will investigate questions such as:
•    Are storms really getting worse and more frequent?
Is sea level rising at a steady pace or accelerating?
•    Are the ice caps really melting away?
How do climate models work and how good are they?
Is carbon dioxide really in control?
•    Where does the Sun fit in all of this?
•    Are we going to fry?

You will hear fascinating and humorous stories:
•  The Count stoned to death for scaring townsfolk onto a boat to protect them from a flood that never came
•  The famous South Pole explorer who crept into town in disguise and messaged his brother in code, asking him to alert the press of his discovery
•   The monks who, in procession, knelt before glaciers, pleading with God to stop them advancing towards their village

You will be guided on your journey by Dr Howard Brady
Alumnus Scientist of the Year, Northern Illinois University, who undertook four expeditions to Antarctica with the US Office of Polar Programs.

Dr Brady, a skilled and experienced teacher, recognises that this is your journey. You will be posed questions, presented information to challenge, and
encouraged to form your own opinion. All you need is an open mind!

The book, only $25 (inc. postage and handling), has 14 well-thought-out chapters with reader-friendly diagrams and graphs (176 pages in total). Each can be read in its own right and you can pick it up at any chapter.

I hope you enjoy the book and that it greatly assists you in developing your own informed understanding of climate and the debate surrounding it.


The book reads extremely well and, crucially, is just plain interesting.

Late Emeritus Professor Bob Carter (1942-2016)

I have read many books on climate change, but I found much new material here…

Emeritus Professor Cliff Ollier, University of Western Australia

One of the most readable books on climate: concise, clear, rich in its concepts and scope, and some humor!
Emeritus Professor Peter Flood, Former University Pro-Vice Chancellor


A book that poses questions and challenges your thinking

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