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The just released 2nd Edition of this popular, rich guide through the climate debate, written by an award-winning scientist, who went on 4 expeditions to Antarctica with the US Office of Polar Programs.

Written for people from all walks of life, not just science boffins, this book is full of fascinating and humorous stories.

Readers are invited to enter the world of the climate debate, which is likened to a twisting maze or a hall of mirrors, with dead-ends, illusions and traps.

Very soon, the reader learns that the debate is not just simple about carbon dioxide, which many would have us think...

The book (just $25 & $5 shipping) has 14 well-thought-out chapters with reader-friendly diagrams and graphs (176 pages in total).

Each chapter can be read in its own right and you can pick it up at any chapter

"The book reads extremely well and, crucially, is just plain interesting."

Late Emeritus Professor Bob Carter
James Cook University

"I hope you enjoy the book and that it greatly assists you in developing your own informed understanding of climate and the debate surrounding it."

You can read about the story behind the book here

"This is the book that I never would have expected to write. Despite its short length, it is rich in detail, the result of a decade of study and careful fieldwork.

I found this book about the climate debate to be as challenging as any exploration venture. There were so many illusionary and false ideas surrounding the topic and leading only to dead ends. I often had to retrace my steps and unravel the illusions before travelling down the next path – hence the title, ‘Mirrors and Mazes’. "
Dr Howard Brady


Chris Smith (2GB 873AM - Alan Jones Breakfast Show) interview with Dr Howard Brady about the book, 'Mirrors and Mazes: A guide to the climate debate'. Aired 31st January 2017.

A book that poses questions and challenges your thinking

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