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Here's a book written for people from all walks of life, not just science boffins!

The reader is invited to enter the climate debate, likened to a twisting maze or hall of mirrors, with dead-ends, illusions, traps - that are the lies, misinformation, over-simplifications and false prophecies on both sides.

Very soon, the reader learns that the debate is not just simply about carbon dioxide, which many would have us think...

The book was written by an award-winning scientist, who went on 4 expeditions to Antarctica with the United States Office of Polar Programs.

A clever book that poses questions and will challenge your thinking about the climate debate.

Acclaimed by Emeritus Professor Will Happer
White House National Security Council, Senior Advisor
I am especially fond of Mirrors and Mazes...written for intelligent laymen who like to think for themselves.

The book reviews all of the issues that touch on the current climate debate
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Mirrors and Mazes 2022