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Dr Howard Brady interviewed by Common Sense Coalition Talk Radio aout climate change

Aired 21 January 2020.

Brady, H. 11 January 2020
Thank god for the tide gauges
The Spectator

Brady, H. 16 November 2019
The carbon dioxide trap: Climate models keep failing. For good reason
The Spectator

Brady, H. 24 August 2019
Ice-pack of lies: alarmists are avoiding the truth about climate and the poles
The Spectator

Brady, H. 24 August 2019
The Church's Catechism of Catastrophism. Quadrant Online

Brady, H. 27 November 2017.
Mirrors and Mazes: A guide through the climate debate
Watts Up With That.

Brady, H. 23 September 2017.
The Evils of Climate Enthusiasm
Watts Up With That.

Dr Howard Brady talks climate science with H. Sterling Burnett, The Heartland Institute

An in-depth discussion of the key issues in the climate debate & frank exposť of the catastrophic exaggerations we keep getting told.

We take a look at the role of the Sun; sea level rise; storms and extreme weather; the climate models; the vastness of the climate system; renewable energy; and climate alarmism.
Aired 20 December 2017.

Podcast link here. Aired 20 December 2017.

Dr Howard Brady with Leighton Smith, NewsTalk ZB, New Zealand

Dr Brady speaks with Leighton Smith (NewsTalk ZB). Leighton is one of the leading voices on the New Zealand airwaves speaking out against the anti-climate alarmists.

Should the New Zealand Government establish a Climate Commission with the end goal of creating a carbon neutral economy by 2050, which would involve the cessation of gas and coal use, it will be an utter disaster. The climate will not change one iota, your electricity prices go through the roof, and youth unemployment will spike.
Aired 19th December 2017.

Leighton Smith, NewsTalkZB Radio, on Mirrors & Mazes: A guide through the climate debate

To you New Zealanders out there across the Tasman Sea, Leighton Smith, News-Talk-ZB radio broadcaster, has just recommended the Mirrors & Mazes climate guide & announced its backing by leading US scientists.
Aired 12th December 2017.

Leading US scientists back the 'Mirrors & Mazes climate guide', Chris Smith Afternoon Show, 2GB

Chris Smith, 2GB, announces that two leading USA scientists (one who has advised Trump) have just recommended the little-known 'Mirrors & Mazes' book for its remarkable ability to show everyday people, not just scientists, the wonder of the climate system and how carbon dioxide is NOT driving modern climate change.

The accolades are from world famous physicist, Emeritus Professor William Happer and Dr Willie Soon, Senior Researcher, Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics.
Aired 28th November 2017.

Dr Howard Brady with Chris Smith, 2GB, aired 8 June 2017

Dr Brady catches up with Chris Smith to chat about all the recent climate news, from Trump's decision to exit the US from the Paris Climate Agreement, to the excellent article Clive James wrote in the Weekend Australian, savaging climate change alarmism.

Chris should be commended for his dogged attention to helping expose what should be the biggest non-issue of our time. Aired 8th June 2017.

Dr Howard Brady with Chris Smith, 2GB, aired 15 February

Dr Howard Brady returns to The Chris Smith Show to talk more with Chris about the climate debate, take questions from listeners and take a closer look at the scandal about how dodgy satellites are giving false sea level readings. Aired 15th February 2017.

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Dr Brady with George & Paul, 2UE Talking Lifestyle

Paul & George (2UE 954AM - Talking Lifestyle) chat to Dr Howard Brady about a so called 'landmark' scientific paper released just before the Paris Climate Conference.

This paper claimed there has been no slow down (that is pause or hiatus) in global temperatures over the last decade (2000-2012).

Dr Brady and Paul & George examined claims by whistle-blower, Dr John Bates (a top NOAA scientist), that the paper was biased with a dodgy treatment of data and rushed out to influence World Leaders before they met in Paris for the climate meeting. Aired 11th February 2017.

Dr Howard Brady with Chris Smith, Alan Jones Breakfast Show

Chris Smith (2GB 873AM - Alan Jones Breakfast Show) interviews Dr Howard Brady about Mirrors and Mazes: A guide to the climate debate. Aired 31st January 2017.

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Dr Howard Brady's team (Mirrors and Mazes) respond to Media Watch

In 2017, ABC News continue to fearmonger catastrophic sea level rise predictions through selective reporting. Their show, Media Watch, ran an infamous segment 6 years ago, using the very same narrative, and discredited a number of people who dared question this doomsday story. Well, here, the Mirrors and Mazes team examine that segment and look at where sea level is at today.

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