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Howard Thomas Brady.

This book was written by Dr Howard Brady, an award-winning scientist who went on 4 expeditions to Antarctica with the US Office of Polar Programs

• Member of the CO2 Coalition

Policy Advisor to The Heartland Institute
Member of the Explorers Club of New York
Member of the Australian Microscope & Microanalysis Society
• Member of the Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences

He has published scientific articles in periodicals such as:
• Nature Magazine
• Science Magazine
• Journal of Glaciology
• Antarctic Journal of the United States
• Memoirs of National Institute of Polar Research

He was a contributor to Antarctic Geoscience, a book released by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Science in 1982.

Special Award
In 2011 Dr Brady was awarded the Distinguished Alumnus Scientist of the Year by Northern Illinois University, USA, for contributions to climate research and to the community at large.

"…Dr Brady is internationally recognised for his identification and naming of several species of algae currently used to help trace the climate history of Antarctica. Professor Ross Powell observes the continuing influence of Dr Brady’s research. The notable Antarctic marine diatom fossil called Thalassiosira torokina, which Dr Brady named as part of his M.Sc. thesis, is currently being studied by Professor Reed Scherer’s students..."

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Dean Christopher McCord,
Northern IIIinois University, 2011

Dr Brady tent
Mount Feather, c. 79

Dr Howard Brady

Dr Brady speaking
Dr Brady speaking at the Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences

Dr Brady coring
Coring pack ice, McMurdo Sound, c.70s

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