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The book is a short 175 pages and has 14 chapters with reader-friendly diagrams
Each chapter can be read in its own right, so you can pick it up at any chapter

Click on the headings below to see introductions for each chapter

Chapter 1.
The climate debate

Time travel
The main event
Solutions before answers
False prophets
Models and history
Pivotal questions
A narrow debate

Chapter 2.
Climate and chaos

What is linked with what?
Chaos or non-linear theory
Balance, stability and tipping points
In awe

Chapter 3.
Wheels within wheels

Cycles everywhere
The Grand Ice Ages
Ice sorties
Some smaller cycles
Cycles and blind alleys

Chapter 4.
The warming stairway

The mysterious pattern
Why the same gradient?
Best type fits
Messages from human history
Messages from glaciers
Up the wrong tree
Final reflections

Chapter 5.
A weather armageddon

The weather scare-line
Destructive storms
The parched Earth
The scorched Earth
An ever restless climate
The fictitious storyline

Chapter 6.
Sea level rise – steady as she goes

No pedal on the metal
Satellites or tide gauges?
What to believe?
The right choice
Chapter 7.
Estimating coastal retreat

New lines in the sand
Tide gauges versus the satellite
The iniquitous Bruun Rule
Storm surges
Regional coastal policy

Chapter 8.
The poles will drown us

Heroic adventure and mythology
The Arctic pack
The Antarctic pack
Ocean currents and pack ice
The polar land masses and ice sheets
Greenland and ice loss
Antarctic ice losses and gains
Spanner in the works
No surprises
A last look

Chapter 9.
The greenhouse effect

The jig-saw puzzle
The main game
Sponges in the sky
A picky bunch
The order of merit
The slippery eel
The second lieutenant
A stark conclusion

Chapter 10.
The models – we expected too much!

Model making
Model headaches
Going separate ways
A stubborn riposte
Climate sensitivity
Water vapour headaches
It gets worse
More on clouds
A lower ECS
No longer swamped
A respect for history

Chapter 11.
Is the sun still king?

White-washing the Sun
The star player
No escape
The spotted Sun
The magnetic cycles
The solar waistline
Solar wobbles
UV-rays at work
Total Solar Irradiance
Who is the boss?
History speaks
The sunspot evidence
The magnetic cloud switch
The solar solution

Chapter 12.
Other climate shocks

In the looking glass
Other shocks
Global cooling
Meteor and comet strikes
Solar flares
The frozen methane bomb
A final perspective

Chapter 13.
A final check on the IPCC

The global watchman
IPCC presumptions
The watchman’s report
On track
Off the rails
A word muddle
Frozen in time
Conflicts of interest
The IPCC pasta machine

Chapter 14.
Leaving the maze

No big deal
The accelerator bug
The catastrophic fever
The simplicity trap
A stark perspective
The tangled web
Dressed to kill
A blessing or a curse?
Lost in a maze
Whither the IPCC?
Whither science?

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