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William Happer

White House National Security Council
Senior Advisor, Emerging Technologies

“Mirrors and Mazes is written for intelligent laymen who like to think for themselves. The book reviews all of the issues that touch on the current climate debate:  the nature of greenhouse gases; clouds; the sun;  sea level; extreme weather; polar ice; etc.

The author, Dr Howard Thomas Brady, is uniquely qualified to write this guide through the climate debate. Leaving a youthful career as a Catholic priest to pursue his fascination with science, Dr Brady made many important contributions to geology, notably in studies of Antarctica, where he did extensive fieldwork during the Ross Ice Shelf Drilling Program.

Equations are avoided, but numbers are given when essential, for example, in discussions of rising sea level, where Dr Brady is an expert. There are well-chosen illustrations and good references for those who would like to dig deeper.

Dr Brady's discussions of the complicated interplay of the climate movement with religion, politics and the media are especially insightful, perhaps because of his youthful training in theology.

I am especially fond of Mirrors and Mazes. It would be an excellent addition to the personal library of anyone who wants to understand climate facts, stripped of propaganda and emotion.”

Willie Soon

Senior Researcher, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Advisor, Heartland Institute, USA

"Mirrors and Mazes is a beacon of light to see through the cloudy attempts to demonize CO2 as the satanic gas of our times. It is a must read and welcome contribution to the educational aspect of this hot scientific debate."

Henry Bauer

Professor Emeritus of Chemistry & Science Studies
Dean Emeritus of Arts & Sciences
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, USA

"This book raises a number of the points that demonstrate flaws and downright errors in the theory that human-generated carbon dioxide is the chief driver of global warming and climate change.

The author has a respectable academic record; he worked and published on the geological and climatic history of the Ross Sea and McMurdo Sound regions of Antarctica...The material presented in this book seems quite sound."

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"With much pleasure, I have now completed a run-through of your text.

I particularly enjoyed the sections on the Bruun Rule, climate modelling and solar effects.

The book reads extremely well and, crucially, is just plain interesting.
Late Bob Carter

Emeritus Professor
James Cook University, Australia
"The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has dominated debate on Global Warming (later Climate Change) since its creation by the United Nations in 1988.

Brady’s book is largely an analysis of how they did it, and the ‘Mirrors and Mazes’ of the title refers to the tools used by magicians to trick their audience. He covers the scientific information and a lot more besides. I have read many books on climate change, but I found much new material here."
Cliff Ollier

Emeritus Professor
University of Western Australia

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"Mirrors and Mazes is an excellent guide to the debate on what we once called global warming.

My particular interest is that Catholic Church not make another big error by officially embracing mistaken or unsubstantiated theories about causality and consequences of climate change.

Brady's excellent[s] the instability and inadequacies behind the bad tempered status-quo."
Cardinal George Pell

His Eminence, Cardinal
Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy of the Holy See

Peter Flood

Emeritus Professor & Pro-Vice Chancellor,
University of New England,

"A new book is about to be released by Dr Howard Thomas Brady called - Mirrors and Mazes: a guide to the climate debate.

In Australia there are two easy-to-read shorter books showing very different sides of the climate debate. One was Tim Flannery’s - The Weather Makers - published in 2005. The other is this new book by Dr Howard Thomas Brady.

This is indeed one of those rare book on climate: it is a concise and clear reader, while also profoundly rich in its concepts, analysis and scope, addressing the critical issues in the climate debate. There are no distracting emotional attacks on individuals. There is humour. There are some interesting stories. There are straightforward analyses of questions we all ask: Is sea level rising? Are the Poles melting? Are storms getting worse? Are temperatures rising? How do climate models work? What about future climate shocks?

Dr Brady questions the panic in the climate debate. His underlying theme is that the sensitivity of the world’s climate system has been overstated by climate models that multiply the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide three times due to the effects of clouds and water vapour.

Dr Brady is an Australian who was an Antarctic scientist years ago. He was on four expeditions to Antarctica with the US Office of Polar Programs. His Masters of Science and PhD theses were on the past geological history of Antarctica. As recently as 2011, an American university presented him with its 2011 Alumnus Scientist of the Year Award for his contributions to climate research; a rare award for an Australian.

Dr Brady’s career is fascinating. He was a Catholic priest-scientist: now married with four adult children. After a decade in Antarctic research Dr Brady went into business and started a small oil company that the Australian Gaslight Company (AGL) was to takeover in 2010. In another venture, Dr Brady restructured a company and supplied rock to pave many of the plazas of Sydney for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Since 2005 Dr Brady has returned to science. For some of that time he was an Honorary Associate at Macquarie University and for the rest he conducted private research on coastal processes and sea level rise. Dr Brady was recently elected a Member of the Australian Society of Forensic Sciences as he has had a life-long interest in the analysis of accidents.

Dr Brady did not make any friends in the Australian climate establishment when a few years ago he criticised on national radio the high sea level projections of the CSIRO. He was taken to task by the ABC on an Australian National Television program called Media Watch. Dr Brady was carefully quoting detailed research on sea level by the US Army Corps of Engineers. In retrospect Dr Brady was correct. Tide gauge data all around the world show that the sea level is rising, but not accelerating.

Interestingly Dr Brady, despite many years in the oil and gas industry, is adamant that Alternative Energy Technology must be developed and that the long-term use of fossil fuels is unsustainable. He welcomes the installation of a variety of experimental alternative energy plants. However, he criticises the present climate panic that has led to the large-scale industrial development of expensive infant technologies with subsidies that are ballooning the national debt in many countries.

The public should look forward to this great book that will be available in late February."

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"An absorbing read is a good description of Howard Brady’s Mirrors and Mazes…he has more than a hundred references to back up his much richer take on the debate.

Brady has a fascinating penultimate chapter where he lists the latest IPCC…claims therein, and gives them a score as to their accuracy...Brady’s nailing of these statements is precise and destructive."
Don Atkin

Political scientist and writer
Vice-Chancellor (1992-2000), University of Canberra, Australia

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"This is a wonderful book and easy to read. Dr Brady has gently and wisely repositioned carbon dioxide into its correct scientific perspective in the climate debate. He has with great knowledge explained for the lay, and more technical reader, the complexities of earth's climate."

Richard Corbett
Organic chemist

"I agree that this book is the most readable and balanced look at climate change on the market recently. My sister always whines: "Where are your facts?" as she spouts her talking points about any topic. Dr. Brady supplies data for all his assumptions and claims while remaining eminently readable. Well done!.”

Dr David Miller

"… not too long, just the book for a quiet afternoon, or to pass the time on that long plane trip…”

Roland Crook
Non-scientist, realist!

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